Simplify Your Gardening With Seed Starter Kits

Though its a lot of fun, gardening is also a lot of work. Its always a good idea to get an early start on a garden and seed starter kits can simplify things for both beginning gardeners and veterans. Seed starter kits are particularly useful when youre trying to grow some vegetables such as broccoli, eggplant, and tomatoes that cant generally be seeded directly into the garden.

Here are a few helpful hints about using seed starter kits. First, its a good idea to start with seeds that are easier to germinate indoors. And dont get the idea that you can dig up common dirt, throw it into a few empty pots, and start a garden in a windowsill. That might work sometimes, but getting decent seed starter kits is a much more reliable approach.

The best seed starter kits are made with a soilless growing medium, such as peat made from Peat made from sphagnum moss. This variety of peat is very efficient at absorbing water than typical soils; this means its a better medium for keeping plants hydrated during the germination phase. And using peat means that youll avoid soil borne diseases, such as mosaic virus. Vemiculite and perlite are other common soilless mixtures used in many seed starter kits. Another promising approach is to use a half-and-half formula of soil and peat moss, in order to promote water absorption. For seedlings needing to stay in seed starter kits longer than six to eight weeks, transplantation into larger pots will be necessary and thats a good time to add garden soil to help the seedlings acclimate before theyre relocated from seed starter kits to the garden.

Choosing the right modules, trays, and root trainers is important in selecting among seed starter kits. Some kinds of pots work better than others for specific vegetables. Often this is simply a matter of trial and error. As a general rule, a potting module should have a depth of around two inches. Using root trainers in seed starter kits will promote development of longer, stronger roots, which is always a good thing. Biodegradable pots are also very helpful, since they permit seedlings to be planted in the garden without the shock of transplantation.

For making home-made seed starter kits, cardboard or paper planting modules work very well. Milk cartons, for example, can be used to make quick-and-dirty seed starter kits.

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