Media Influences On Interior Design

Interior designing is one of the most multi-faceted professions in the world. It requires creativity and skill to achieve a specific and spectacular look of the interior. This is very vital as it reflects the class of life, the philosophy as well as the visual sense of the occupants. The designs have to be framed within the regulatory requirements, encouraging the principles of being eco-friendly.

Designing an interior environment is not a simple process. It follows a systematic and coordinated methodology. The goal is achieved by research, analysis, and integration of knowledge into a creative process. This methodology is mediated with the help of the vision and demands of the client about the interior of the place.

There are many disciplines such as architecture, product design, and most of all, the environmental functioning, which affect the interior design. As time passes, the inclinations in the interior design also keep changing. There are some external and internal factors which are responsible for this change. One of the most influential external factors is the media.

There are basically two types of media, Print media and electronic media. There are numerous interior design magazines, which highlight many designs and trends in the field of interior designing. There are many fashion magazines that do this as well, as they have special interior design sections. A lot of internationally renowned designers publish their advertisements in these magazines. This is a very important tool for their publicity. This portrays the true potential and worth of the reader. Hence, if the ads hit home, customers are able to contact the designer.

The designs are also influenced by the demands of the people. They often look up in a magazine for an advertisement of the designer if they are planning to refurnish their house or the office. These design let them imagine the kind of place that they want to have. They can imagine the real figure from a rough sketch. In this manner, they become clearer about what they want to have.

In addition to the print media, the visual media has no match. It influences the taste and the demands of people. Media presents many “Do it yourself” programs that enable you to have each and everything of your taste and desire. It also enables you to understand the technical points, involved in the selection. A home requires a different interior than an office. It is as if someone is guiding you to set the interior of your place.

The glamour shown in the media has a great influence on people. We often want to have the same things we see in a movie or on TV. It has made the interior a symbol of the social status. People idealise what they see in media.

Moreover, people always idealise the belongings of their dear super stars. Their living places, shown in the television, greatly influence them. Like everything else, the interior of a celebrity home becomes the fashion of the time. They demand their decorators to create a living place similar to that of their ideals. Visual media is somewhat prior to the print media. Visualizing any interior design reveals their demand to them. Thus, almost every new thing is introduced by or through the media.

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